Writing process

Book writing process

My writing process with you is an interactive one to ensure I understand your goals for your project so that we can give it the best chance of success. With this in mind, I use the following writing process:

  • I hold an initial meeting with you, when we can get to know each other and your area of interest. I will review any notes or material you may have and then with your agreement I would produce a high level outline for your book and provide a timeline and I will look at some publication routes. If this is a non-fiction book a proposal can be developed, as detailed under publishing support, to be submitted for consideration by a literary agent. A successful proposal for non-fiction book can then return to the following steps.
  • I will then go through a research phase with personal interviews, a review of any documents and relevant background.
  • After the research phase, I will start to write your story. This is an interactive activity, where I will ask you to give feedback I write.
  • On completion of the writing phase, we then do a thorough proof read and edit to provide a book ready to be sent for publishing.
  • The final phase is to send the book to the publication median(s) of choice. This can involve formatting your book into an eBook or for a print on demand publication. For traditional publishers I can format according to their requirements.

On completion of our writing process you should be ready to submit your project for publishing.