I can help write your story for you as described in the writing process or I can review your own material giving advice on how you can make it ready for publication. And the broad range of ghost writing services described would be available to you to make the necessary changes. For fiction I can provide writing support for the following publishing items:

Blurb: this describes your book in such a manner that a prospective reader will be encouraged to buy and read your book.

Summary: that details your whole book, chapter by chapter, detailing the plot’s twists and turns. The story’s secrets and its ending and  all the revelations are described.

Covering letter: that introduces you the author, gives information on your background and experience, it also summaries your book that you are submitting to the publisher. I can help you present yourself and your material in the best possible manner to maximise your chance of catching the attention of the book’s readers employed by the literary agent and/or publisher.

Chapter samples: are often asked for by a publisher, here I can give advice on presentation and how to pick something that will intrigue and encourage further reading. We would want a publisher to be in a position to ask for more.

The above constitutes a package that is generally required by a traditional publisher before they will consider your manuscript. I mainly deal with novels or anthologies but I can also review and help you submit your short stories. In this case I can also advise on publication opportunities.