Creative writing

Creative writing for your stories

Whether you are interested in fiction, non-fiction or more particularly memoir and life-writing, we apply create writing techniques to ensure compelling, engaging, page turning stories are told. Even in non-fiction you are conveying a story that explains your subject. Our approach includes:

Writing great beginnings involves choosing the right point to start your story. You can begin with a secret leaving space for a reader to speculate and interpret what may happen and leading them to want to know more. Also, you can start when conflict spurs a character into action and once again the reader will want to know what will happen. For your beginnings we would concentrate on the following:

Character(s): that the reader can sympathise with and their journey of development through the story.

Conflict: that can provide motivation for a character which can be complicated through their facing of tension which readers will look to see resolved as the story progresses.

Narrative arc: that captures when action implies consequences. Character and conflict ideally come together to form and start a story on its path.

The purpose is to make characters interesting and real so that the reader will want to know what will happen to them in the world you are describing or creating.

Writing Style

With good beginnings that aim to produce character, conflict and narrative that aims to create interest for the reader, consideration must also be given to writing style. With our support we would help you produce vivid, stimulating fiction or non-fiction stories. We encourage the use of the following writing style:

  • Showing sentences with the use of an active voice;
  • Precision with the use of precise words;
  • Concision which means the use of the fewest number of words possible.

Our approach to writing style will provide rich prose that will draw your readers into your story.