Do you have a story to tell?

Do you have an area of expertise you want to share?

Do you have a novel in you?

Professional ghost writing services can help you to meet your publication aspirations. From talking to you about your initial ideas, to formulating a proposal for a publisher, to planning out a novel, my interactive and friendly services are here to support you.

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I can support your novel and short story ambitions through plot planning with chapter by chapter summaries, development of characters, and setting.

Non Fiction

It is important for non-fiction authors/writers to demonstrate their qualifications, experience and reasons for writing their particular piece of non-fiction. The starting point is a proposal detailing chapter by chapter with reasons why their book is needed now. I can help you develop this proposal along with help in building an audience for your book. Also, we can support you in writing your complete book.


I also specialise in life writing. We can tell your story using creative writing techniques that helps to provide a page turner and an interesting read for your biography or autobiography.

I can provide a range of services to help you tell your story. My support ranges from writing proposals for publishing agents, to writing material under your direction for your narrative to editing and proof reading. I can give guidance on how to best present your work to publishers, or as an electronic book or via print on demand. Also, I am keen to help you develop your market through blogs (web logs), social media and advertising. My services are summarised below:

Proposal writing and novel planning for non-fiction and fiction books respectively;

Writing non-fiction for complete books or extracts and passages;

Writing fiction for complete books or passages as required as well as short stories;

Editing and proof reading of client’s material and preparation for presentation for publication is provided.

I can also help market client’s ideas and material, using blogs, social media and general advertising with the aim of building evidence of an audience.