Services for your ghostwriting needs


Do you have a story to tell?

Do you have an area of expertise you want to share?

Do you have a novel in you?

Professional ghost writing services can help you to meet your publication aspirations. From talking to you about your initial ideas, to formulating a proposal for a publisher, to planning out a novel, my interactive and friendly services are here to support you.


I can support your novel and short story ambitions through plot planning with chapter by chapter summaries, development of characters, and setting.

Non Fiction

It is important for non-fiction authors/writers to demonstrate their qualifications, experience and reasons for writing their particular piece of non-fiction. The starting point is a proposal detailing chapter by chapter with reasons why their book is needed now. I can help you develop this proposal along with help in building an audience for your book. Also, we can support you in writing your complete book.


I also specialise in life writing. We can tell your story using creative writing techniques that helps to provide a page turner and an interesting read for your biography or autobiography.

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